List of advantages

10 преимуществ тонометров внутриглазного давления

10 reasons to choose diaton-tonometry

Точно в цель!

№1 Hit the eye!

The unique methodology of measuring makes it possible to value IOP with the highest accuracy.

Быстрое и простое измерение ВГД

№2 Quick and simple IOP measuring

The procedure of IOP measuring has never been so quick before: everything is simple as ABC and digital IOP value is on the screen!

Быстрое и простое измерение ВГД

№3 No dispensable materials and anesthetic drugs

There is no need to use dispensable materials and anesthetic drugs while IOP measuring with diaton - you save not only the time but money as well.


№4 Portability

Diaton tonometers are irreplaceable tools for doctors’ outwork due to their small size and weight.

Безболезненность процедуры измерения

№5 No pain during IOP measuring procedure

The procedure of IOP measuring is absolutely painless for patients – complete absence of fear and discomfort- IOP measuring must be exactly like this!

Нет риска инфицирования

№6 No risk of infection

No contact to the eye mucous membrane expels the risk of infection.

Никакой подготовки

№7 No preparations

It's hard to believe but now while IOP measuring you don’t even have to remove contact lenses and make-up is no longer an obstacle for tonometry..

Измерение ВГД в сложных клинических случаях

№8 IOP measuring in complicated clinical cases

— cornea pathology
— viral infections
— “dry eye” syndrome
— allergic response
— laser refractive corneal interferences

Измерение ВГД у детей

№9 IOP measuring in children

Young patients are not afraid of examination with diaton tonometers.

Имидж современного врача

№10 Present-day doctor look

Diaton tonometers help to create a positive look of a present-day doctor among colleagues and patients. Now IOP measuring is quick, simple, comfortable and painless!