Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise founded in 1918 is one of the most major companies in  Russia running within the sphere of aeronautic instrument engineering.

Powerful technological & manufacturing base, constant modernization of the production, penetration of the  latest technologies & equipment, staff of high quality, all these make it possible for the enterprise to produce  the innovational technical equipment of special & civilian purposes.

One of the directions having the higher priority is engineering & production of medical technologies  including  the unique device for IOP measuring, non-corneal Diaton tonometer, that has taken up its  special position on world markets.

The device represents absolutely new method of IOP measuring through the eyelid in the sclera with no  anesthesia & no contact to the cornea.

The method of IOP measuring through the eyelid & the device for its realization are protected by Russian  Patent № 2123798, U.S. Patent № US 6,394,954 B1 & Japan Patent № 3593314.

The system of quality management is put into effect at the enterprise according to  the standard DIN ISO 9001with the Directive & EN ISO 13485.

Diaton tonometer has European certificate, the device is approved by FDA (U.S.A.)

Tonometers of IOP measuring Diaton have been used in medical practice for 16 years. These devices have earned the trust of ophthalmologists, family physicians & refractionists practically all over the world. In the U.S.A. the measuring of IOP with Diaton tonometer is included to the list of services supported by insurance companies.

Leading specialists of Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise keep in touch with practicing ophthalmologists & scientists, attentively study all recommendations & remarks that allow to improve the device Diaton , its quality & consumer characteristics.